welcome to the void
- add pages
- find blinkies
- create guestbook

if youd like to add me to your website here is my button ^^

12/26/22 - working on a kraken shrine.. need to find photos :/ also sorry for slower updates i am sad lol

12/12/22 - added a shrine! will be adding more as soon as i . think of them .

12/12/22 - updated my about because Birth

12/11/22 - added more songs to the music page + created my interests page

12/10/22 - added my music page where i go feral over lyrics. i will be here Frequently

12/9/22 - hmm .... maybe gonna draw a pagedoll
edit: drew a pagedoll :)
edit 2: drew another one lol

12/8/22 - started working on the blog... i think ive got it mostly set up so blogposts Should be coming in the next few days

12/7/22 - starting to fill out some divs :) also added blinkes + buttons + stamps!! ^-^

12/6/22 - working on about me!

12/5/22 - finished main page (minus images, text, etc). also edited page not found

12/4/22 - planned the barebones out, built main page

12/3/22 - hello world!

(not optimized for mobile, best viewed on pc)

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welcome to my little slice of internet hell!! this is just a place where i can create and teach myself a smidge of html/css. this is just the barest of bare bones right now, not all of the links work atm but its a start!

if youre expecting a lot from this uhh well. please dont :) i have no formal coding experience, just dicking around here and having a good time :]

please feel free to leave me a message in my guestbook i would greatly appreciate it!!!

p.s. that funky dude in the corner is named roman and hes just fuckin vibin honestly. he just like me fr