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seattle kraken

"whaddya say! thats kraken hockey, baby!"
the seattle kraken are a professional ice hockey team that compete in the nhl in the pacific division. they began playing during the 2021-2022 season. their ahl affiliate is the coachella valley firebirds, who began playing during the following season.

due to the success of the previous expansion team, the las vegas golden knights, who reached the stanley cup finals in their first year of contention, the kraken were anticipated to perform extremely well by many. however, they did not, finishing with a 27–49–6 record with 60 points. the 2022-2023 season has looked more promising though, as through 30 games they have a record of 17–10–3 for a total of 37 points, and are on pace for around 100 points this season, far better than they were in the previous season.

name # pos age flag
will borgen 3 RD 25
justin schultz 4 RD 32
adam larsson
alternate captain
6 RD 30
jordan eberle
alternate captain
7 RW 32
cale fleury 8 RD 24
ryan donato 9 C 26
matty beniers 10 C 20
brandon tanev 13 LW 30
jaden schwartz
alternate captain
17 C 30
jared mccann 19 LW 26
eeli tolvanen 20 RW 23
alexander wennberg 21 C 28
oliver bjorkstrand 22 RW 27
jamie oleksiak 24 LD 29
carson soucy 28 LD 28
vince dunn 29 LD 26
martin jones 30 G 32
philipp grubauer 31 G 31
yanni gourde
alternate captain
37 C 31
shane wright 51 C 18
chris driedger 60 G 28
morgan geekie 67 C 24
joonas donskoi 72 RW 30
daniel sprong 91 RW 25
andre burakovsky 95 LW 27

philipp grubauer
oh grubi my goalie <3 <3 <3 his nickname is the german gentleman, hes colourblind and he has a rescue dog named leo. also i love him so dearly. everyone gives him shit when we arent doing well when its not entirely his fault, and he deserves the world. he was previously on the washington capitals and the colorado avalanche, and won a stanley cup with the caps and was nominated for the vezina with the avs. he has saved our asses countless times and if ANYONE says anything mean about him its on sight. /srs

brandon tanev TURBO my first hockey that i was obsessed with .. he has the absolute best vibes. is he batshit crazy? perhaps. but thats just part of his charm :) i was so devasted when he got injured in our first season and even moreso when we found out it was season ending .. since hes come back his presence on the ice has just been so good and so appreciated. he is definitely a fan favorite and when he was sidelines with injury he spent a lot of time in the community which just made us love him more. hes formerly of the winnipeg jets and the pittsburgh penguins, and he was undrafted which! ok maybe he isnt the Best but hes got the best vibes and thats what matters.

yanni gourde
the pestiest of pests . he gets into fights and when he does he has the Biggest shit eating grin ever and it just pisses them off more and i love that about him . he was undrafted like tanev but he worked so fucking hard to get where he is today and signed with the tampa bay lightning and won TWO stanley cups BACK TO BACK. king shit. we do not currently have a captain but fuck if he isnt our captain . he is everything to me. also his accent is very cute. he was voted fan favorite and honestly he deserves it and more. he is cherished by many kraken fans and missed by many tampa fans

andre burakovsky we picked up burky in free agency and he has been such a blessing to this team. like yes he has mad points and is part of the reason we're doing so well because we're scoring mad goals now with him but ALSO ? his curls ? he . ok faggot time over (for me anyways) he used to be on the washington capitals with grubi (and won the cup with them!) and then was traded to the avalanche and won a cup with THEM. on both teams he played with grubi and then when he signed with the kraken he called grubi his "little schnitzel" which . ough . AND GRUBI CALLS HIM KAISERSCHMARRN (an austrian dessert) AND KRAMPUS if thats not the cutest shit ever. and dont get me started about wenky.

alexander wennberg
boytoy. the prettiest member of the kraken by far. he is absolutely gorgeous and ok maybe he isnt a hall of fame level player but hes so fucking pretty guys like. ough. he was drafted by the columbus blue jackets (ohio -__-) and then was picked up by the florida panthers in free agency, and afterwards by the kraken. hes swedish and its Very evident when you hear him speak. hes married and has a baby boy and he loves them so very much its adorable . he has a Massive bromance with burakovsky and has Mad gender and i respect him so much but man i do not look at him respectfully in the slightest

morgan geekie if yanni is a pest then geekie is like. little brother levels of obnoxious and i love him for it. hes soooo incredibly dorky . he is the self declared best mario kart player on the team and did an entire twitter ama answering kraken fan questions about mario kart and the team . hes got a younger brother who was drafted by arizona and was formerly on the carolina hurricanes. he also played minor league hockey in washington . its like hes returning home almost .

ok buoy is not a player but they ARE the teams mascot so i have to talk about him . they were revealed october 1, 2022 during a preseason home game and he is pure love and malice combined. theyre the nephew of the fremont troll and while a lot of people didnt like him at first i have loved them since he dropped from the rafters of climate pledge. they love to troll people on twitter and have retweeted my art many times (this is a subtle flex) and i love him dearly. genuinely the best mascot of all nhl mascots besides like. gritty. and even then man. also they have Massive nonbinary energy and have been referred to with he/they pronouns so buoy he/they so true

misc kraken photos that i cherish :)