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my babysitters a vampire

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"thanks benny, you're super awesome."
my babysitters a vampire is a canadian movie and subsequent tv show. it follows ethan morgan
matthew knight
as he navigates paranormal experiences throughout the town of whitechapel, ontario with his best friend benny weir
atticus mitchell
, his babysitter sarah fox
vanessa morgan
, and their friends rory keaner
cameron kennedy
and erica jones
kate todd

the movie premiered on october 9, 2010 in canada, and a year later on june 10, 2011 in the us. the series premiered on march 14, 2011 in canada and on june 27, 2011 in the us, and ran for 2 seasons consisting of 13 episodes each. the final episode aired october 5, 2012 in the us and december 6, 2012 in canada. a second movie was proposed, but as of 2022 has not been announced.

ethan morgan
ethan morgan is just a little guy. he is incredibly queercoded like. ok All of the characters in the show are queercoded but ethan ? transgender . so fucking transgender. AND hes bisexual he just like me fr. he is SO stupid dorky. like he is the Second dorkiest mf in the entire show (behind benny <3) the universe is So mean to him he just wants one normal day where he can play videogames with his bf and do his math hw but NOOO he has to save the WORLD and shit . he needs a day off or two or ten but does he get them? NO HE GETS MORE STRESS
benny weir BENNY i could go on for hours and hours about him he is me and i am him.. he is so so so So fucking love he loves his friends but he loves his boyfriend Above Everything else. i want to put him in a snowglobe and shake it around . i want to study him under a microscope . he is everything to me ! he is also bi but Also very gay. Very gay. (im writing this while watching 1x4) HE CARES ABOUT ETHAN SO MUCH hes not just a fruit hes the whole ass orchid and hes a loser and hes perfect and i cherish him so so very much
rory keaner
autistic and genderless legend . he is So passionate about the things he loves and he might be a bit oblivious sometimes but its endearing as hell and i would Die for him. he may be cringe but he is free and thats so real of him. between him and benny hes tied for the character i related to the most when i watched as a kid (and now im transgender. funny how that works out) if there was another movie/season i would love for them to focus on him and develop his character more beyond lol cringe loser friend because he is criminally underdeveloped and its WHAT HE DESERVES . also he would absolutely be on neocities and love webcore and Everything about it
sarah fox sarahhh my beloved . shes in lesbians with erica and she is So badass i would let her beat the shit out of me if she wanted to! /hj she gave up her chance of having a normal life in order to save ethan which is. So ? i cry everytime. AND THATS ALL SHE WANTED she desperately wanted to be a normal teen but her love for her friends was stronger than her desire and PLEASE can we get a satisfying ending for her character arc. i want her to be happy (either as a human or as a vampire but happy nonetheless)
ok heres some mbav photos that make my brain Explode violently please enjoy