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december 2022

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12/11/22 - way to be a bunch of daoghs

feeling: happy :)

today was actually a really good day.. things werent as bad or overwhelming as theyve been and the kraken won today which was Amazing and i greatly appreciated the pre b-day win. that was a gift for me and me alone :) ty boys <3
my friend seer went to the game and got this picture of the goalie taps and !!! not only are my boys so full of joy its also grubi my dearly beloved goalie <3 <3 <3

these next few games are going to be a little rough because the teams theyre playing are Mad good but!!! we took out the panthers!!! (sorry seer) and i hope we keep winning it would fill me with such joy :)

other than that ive been doing alright, i started rewatching my babysitters a vampire and Immediately remembered how much i love my funky lil canadian tv show .. benny weir just like me fr. IM SO SAD THEY TOOK IT OFF NETFLIX like where am i going to watch season 2 . [he says as if he isnt going to pirate it].

ok its late and this is very long and my birthday is in.. half an hour??? so i hope that goes well.. the next time you hear from me i will be a Whole ass 20 yr old. insane.

until next time

- milo