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december 2022


> 12/11/22

> 12/8/22

12/12/22 - im not growing up, im just burning out

feeling: loved (.◜ω◝.)

well! i am old as fuck now! /j but really it is. So odd being 20 . i did not think i would make it this far tbh. its. its odd... either way it was a good day i think !!
i really just kicked back today, i got to watch the pens vs stars game tonight (it was the pens pride night on my birthday btw so obviosuly they had to win for me otherwise theyd be homophobic and transphobic /j) and they DID win it was very nice. also their pride jerseys were so? i almost cried.

ALSO before i forget morgan geekie (kraken legend) did an ama on twitter about mario kart after he joined mattys postgame and mentioned their mario kart tourney and he responded to TWO of my questions so we are best friends now and also i love him <3

anyways that was super fun and today was good and he remembered my birthday and my friends are all amazing and i love them so so so much like!!!
LOOK AT THE REACTIONS i am filled with so much love for them .. also shoutout to vesta for drawing me klapollo i Genuinely teared up and will cherish it forever and ever and ever and ever

ok thats so much i think im gonna go lie down now, i think my sibling gave me the cold they had so now i feel kinda Bleh and i wanna sleep so! snork mimimimimimi time for meeee!!

love you all

- milo