welcome to the void
> slide - the goo goo dolls (1998)

> w.a.m.s. - fall out boy (2008)

> hungover & i miss u - gnash (2020)

aka the place where i put my lyric rambles

this is inspired by chance's song journal, you should check out his site! :D

anyways this is where i will be putting the absolute Fuck ton of songs and lyrics that make me go insane :] (and trust me. there will be many. i am ill)

again this is gonna be updated whenever, and i sincerely hope you arent expecting actual coherent lyric analysis instead of me going haha this song transgender

- milo

this will be where my ramblings will occur :] all of the important info like album cover and the lyrics that make me go ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ will be ^^^