welcome to the void
slide - the goo goo dolls (1998)

> w.a.m.s. - fall out boy (2008)

> hungover & i miss u - gnash (2020)

oh god Oh fuck. where do i even begin. the inherent trangenderness of it all. 'dont you love the live you killed' + the mentions of the priest and your parents.. this is textbook getting disowned / just an overall bad reaction to coming out as trans. AND THE NEXT PART 'i dont suppose ill ever know what it means to be a man' trans girl anthem . also trans guy anthem in the way where youre desperately trying to be seen as a guy but nobody sees you that way and you dont think youll ever know how. i am gripping the sink and staring into the mirror rn in agony. the most transgender song to have ever transgendered

dont you love the life you killed?
the priest is on the phone
your father hit the wall
your ma disowned you
i dont suppose i'll ever know
what it means to be a man
or something i can just change
i live around it